Remedies For Bloating And Heartburn During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time in any woman’s life. So many wonderful changes, a growing belly and a time filled with anticipation for the impending bundle of joy. Unfortunately, not all side effects are so friendly. Pregnant women often experience bloating and heartburn. In fact it is one of the most common conditions for which women actively seek out remedies.

Everyone has gas, in general. In fact, an average adult passes gas 14 – 23 times a day!  Once you’re pregnant, you may find yourself belching or passing gas a lot more than usual giving you a feeling of bloating.

Here are some common bloating causes during pregnancy:



Blame it on the hormones. This one is their fault too. Progesterone is an important hormone to help you stay healthy during pregnancy. The hormone relaxes smooth muscle tissues including those in the gastrointestinal track. This in turn slows down the digestion process leading to gas, burping, bloating flatulence and overall discomfort.

Your growing uterus:

Your growing baby is taking up a lot of space in there crowding your abdominal cavity which further slows down your digestion. You may also have uterine swelling right around the time you discover you are pregnant which is caused by the increased blood flow to your womb to protect the fetus. This can also cause bloating and heartburn in early pregnancy.



The growing baby absorbs more water content from your food, leaving your stools dry and harder to pass making you gassy.

Here is how you can get relief from bloating and heartburn during pregnancy:

Increase Fluid Intake To Battle Constipation:


You are drinking for both you and your baby. Start your day with a glass of water and keep sipping juices and other non-calorie loaded liquids through the day. It’ll keep your stools moist and easy to pass and also flush toxins out of your body.

Go Easy On That “eating for two” Thing:

Those famous hunger attacks can be quite a problem but try to time your meals in more frequent smaller portions so that your digestive system works more smoothly. Chew well and take your time to eat as gulping food quickly may make you swallow more air, increasing your burps.

Eat The Good Foods:


Foods rich in fiber like fruits and whole grain breads absorb water from your digestive track and smoothly transport your food through the intestines to keep your bowels running up and fine. Eating healthy is always the right choice.

Don’t Eat The Junk:


The most effective way to reduce gas may be to cut back on the foods that are most likely to cause it. We know that the cravings can drive you crazy. So it’s ok to give in sometimes. Again, sizing your portions and timing them can work to your benefit. Also avoid foods like onion, cabbage and beans that are gas-inducing even in normal people. Foods that contain refined sugar like colas are overloaded with fructose corn syrup which can cause bloating.  A relatively high amount of naturally occurring fructose is present in leeks, onions and scallions, artichokes, dried fruit, pears, apples, honey, and wheat.

Do Not Drink In Between The Meals:

This slows down digestion. Also make sure you drink from a cup or glass instead of the bottle so that you don’t gulp down too much air.  Sit up during meals and drinks or even during a small snack.

Get Moving:


Get regular walking into your regimen, doing at least 30 min walks during the day. A brisk walk can give your digestive system a much needed boost. Take your doctor’s advice and add in other activities like light exercises, yoga and other relaxation techniques.

Get A Prescription Medication:


Pregnancy is not the time to try out over the counter medications. If you’ve tried all of the above and still feeling gassy and bloated, ask your doctor for some medication that can provide some relief.

Hey, Is It Really Gas?

Did you know that many first time mothers between their 4th and 5th month of pregnancy mistake their baby’s first kicks to be gas! May be that’s what is happening to you too.

In some other cases, a gassy discomfort may be accompanied by pain, cramping, severe diarrhea or vomiting. In such cases, call your doctor immediately to request a check up.

Tips For Having A Natural Childbirth

As your big D-day looms large when you’ll meet the tiny wonder you’ve nourished and treasured inside, you may have several questions, quite a bit of fear and a whole lot of anxiety about the birthing process. You may have heard from many women, especially elders in the family, about how a natural childbirth is better than everything else and you should go for it too. We, collectively as a society, tend to look down upon women who’ve had C-sections thinking they “had it easy”, which is really not the case.


The first and foremost thing to understand here is that every woman and every pregnancy is different. Natural childbirth is a great option but not necessarily so for every woman. Research all your options and speak to your doctor as much as possible before deciding what is right for you. If your doctor says that everything is as it should be for you to attempt a natural delivery, here are some tips you can try to give yourself a push for it.

Prepare Yourself Mentally:


One of the best things you can do is arm yourself with the right knowledge on some of the things you can expect during labor. Read up the tried and tested books on what to expect. Try to stay away from the scary stories. Just because it happened to someone else doesn’t mean it will happen to you. Try to gauge your own set of ‘normal’. Fear makes labor tougher, so try to work through any fear that you have and use the times that you feel fear as a chance to practice relaxation. The pain is going to be temporary but the rainbow at the end of a storm – that cute cuddly little wonder is so so worth it.

Take A Pre-Natal Class:


Find yourself a local pre-natal expert who can not only teach exercises that’ll keep you flexible but keep your stamina level up, aches and pains in control and mind relaxed. It is important you choose a practitioner who is a certified pre-natal expert. These classes typically involve the support of your spouse. Many-a-times, a husband is left wondering how he can help and this is the perfect way to get them started. Concentrate on the breathing and relaxation techniques which can help you during labor too.

Aim To Walk 30 Minutes A Day:


Walking has always been a great form of exercise for your entire body. It becomes even more necessary to continue it during your pregnancy. Agreed that things will tend to get slightly difficult as your baby’s weight and your weight increases but it is important to keep going as the activity will keep you flexible. It is considered to be one of the techniques that elders often swear by for having a natural childbirth.

Go For Natural Pain Relief Options:


Choosing what type of pain relief you want during labor should be an option you should know about. Many woman choose epidurals a local anesthetic injected into the epidural space (the space around the tough coverings that protect the spinal cord). Epidurals block nerve signals from both the sensory and motor nerves, which provides effective pain relief but immobilizes the lower part of the recipient’s body. But like most intervention procedures, it can come with its side effects.

Learn how meditation, a hot shower, soft music, hydrating yourself, a foot massage or other such remedies can help you cope with labor. Knowing these options makes you more confident and lowers the anxiety of pain management during labor.

Get Yourself A Support System:


Labor can be hard. And painful. But a woman’s body is made to get through it. The pain will go away when the baby arrives. She has done this naturally for a million years or so and she will continue to do so. So will you. Choose one person who you’ll want in the room while you are in the throes of pain – your husband, friend, mother, mother-in-law – anyone who’ll see you cry like a baby or curse like a sailor and still love you as much. Keep your friendship in good shape with the nurses – they are often overworked and under-thanked of the whole lot.

Know that whatever your ultimate choice, it should be for a safe and healthy delivery for you and your baby.

Things Every Guy Needs To Know And Understand About Pregnancy And Parenthood

Choosing to become a parent is a very big step in anyone’s life. Lots of expectations, anxiety come with the “good news”. This transitional phase of nine months is different for the would-be mother and father. For the mother, the physical metamorphosis gives a very real feel to the baby who’ll be in her arms in 9 months. But for a father, who is a ‘part’ of the journey from afar without any visible life changes, things can get a tad bit confusing. Here’s what every guy needs to know and understand about pregnancy and parenthood.

Your Wife May Turn Into A Weepy-Soapy:


Pregnancy can wreck havoc with a woman’s hormones. The mood swings, physical changes and exhaustion can cause your wife to turn into a person you haven’t met before. She’ll need your support and care more than ever and more importantly, a little intuitively. Prep up that pillow for her when she comes to bed. Ask her if she needs something special for breakfast and take time out to make it.

She Is Not Going To Look The Same:


Pregnancy brings about a great deal of change in a woman’s body. From stretch marks to weight gain, the effects can be seen even long after the baby is born. This is also a phase when a woman is in constant self-doubt about her body and feels she has lost her previous beautiful self. You need to remind her that her body is incredible because it helped make such an amazing little person. It takes time to get back to shape so encourage her to eat healthy and support her in her exercise schedules by offering to take the baby off her hands for a while.

She Needs You To Be Her Pillar:


According to a study support from partner predicts lower distress for mother and infant. Life takes a 360 degree turn during the baby making process and the first year of raising one. This is a time when she automatically becomes a magnet for advice which constantly puts her in doubt on how she is handling her child. Every mother and child is unique and a mother has a learning process for the rest of her life. You need to show her how to trust herself and her instincts and help her gain back confidence.

Your Woman Will Be Obsessive-Defensive:


She has just managed to discover a level of unconditional love in her heart for another human being which she didn’t think could possibly exist. Her entire world will be centered around her baby for quite a while and everyone else will be second priority. Mothers are like that. If you want to have your say in the matter, choose your time and do it subtly so that she doesn’t feel you are encroaching her territory.

She Will Never Have Anything To Wear:


Half her clothes are in between sizes and nothing fits as she yo-yos between losing and gaining weight. Anything that currently fits has already been pooped into, peed into or thrown up into. You’ll need to carefully gauge her size and get her new clothes now and then (now more than then). Though shopping is a good cure, at times like these, you need to do it like you are treading on thin ice. You’ll have to goad her into picking extra large cloth sizes which can well kick start the crying blues.

All Superheroes Need Some Timeout Too:


It’s not just cooking, cleaning the house, doing the dishes or washing the clothes  it is doing it all with a baby in tow that adds the ‘super’ in the ‘super mums’. We often come across women who seem to have it all gathered while we are often left wondering why cleaning our house with a child is like eating Oreos when brushing. Let her know that ‘She’ is important. She deserves a break and doesn’t need to work all the time to get everything in order. You can order food one day or simply take the baby out for a stroll while she can take a snooze.

Your life will most definitely change, but how much for the better is really in your hands. Your wife will love to see you grow into the role of a doting father. Take time out as these special days will always be cherished.